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I have decades of experience in the hospitality industry, acting as general manager and catering coordinator at a variety of popular wedding sites. I also have a background in catering, and culinary arts, which means I bring increased attention to detail and innovative creativity to my work with clients as well as vendors.  

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What is Royal Family Kids' Camps?

Royal Family Kids' Camps are welcoming, one-week resident camps designed to meet the unique and overwhelming needs of abused and neglected children. It is through intensely supportive interaction with trained adults that the first question - "Am I loved?"- is answered. Our camps are sponsored and staffed by people from local churches. To be eligible for attendance, a child must be a victim of abuse and, in most cases, living in an out-of-home foster placement.

How can one Royal Family Kids' Camp possibly serve so great a need?

It can't. That is why we rely on the duplication process - we are the leading network of camps for abused children operating in the United States, as well as foreign countries. We have thousands of volunteers at hundreds of camps across America, all achieving a ratio of one adult volunteer to every two campers. We are grateful to the faith-based community which implements the camps and recruits the camp counselors and other staff members. And it is this model which is duplicated in local communities.

How can one week make a difference?

We offer them a healthy dose of hope... hope that:
  • a positive experience with loving adult role models is possible
  • they can succeed, because they have done so at our camps
  • they can experience an "oasis" - a full week of relief - where they can feel important and loved
  • if the cycle of abuse can be broken for a week - it can be broken permanently

Who benefits from a Royal Family Kids' Camp?

  • the children
  • foster parents - who are given a week of much needed respite
  • citizens from the local community who give generously of their time
  • donors, who feel they can help solve a societal problem through giving of their personal resources

Royal Family Kids
Southern Illinois